For electronic temperature documentation and monitoring; available as a single-user version which can be connected to the PC via the USB port.

Not available by PRO-ACTIVE-Line.


  • temperature documentation and monitoring of up to 32 KIRSCH refrigerators or freezers via USB gateway and software KIRSCH-DATANET
  • monitoring is therfore possible without a network
  • document and display up to 39 values which the control unit uses to operate the refrigerator/freezer, such as: temperature profile, door openings, alarm,...
  • automatic documentation in KIRSCH-DATANET, time interval adjustable
  • change parameters of the fridge/freezer via your PC
  • data recording up to 72 hours after a power failure.
  • retrofitting possible


The main part of the PC-KIT-USB-MONITORING is the USB gateway. It is connected to the RS-485 interface on the KIRSCH refrigerator or freezer and installed in the plant room. The gateway is connected to the  PC using a USB cable. Up to 32 refrigerators or freezers can be connected in series. A STANDARD-PC-KIT-USB-MONITORING is required for this purpose and each additional refrigerator/ freezer needs an EXTENSION-PC-KIT-USB-MONITORING. The maximum overall cable length must not exceed 200 metres.

The actual capture of the measurement data is done through the data logger board in the refrigerator or freezer electronic controller. As described above, there must be a connection between the RS-485 interface on the refrigerator or freezer, the gateway and the PC in order to be able to transfer data to the PC. Monitoring is possible.

Refrigerators and freezers which feature an RS-485 interface can generally be retrofitted with the PC-KIT-USB-MONITORING. If this interface is not present the KIRSCH-DATALOG can provide the temperature documentation functions of the PC-KIT-USB-MONITORING.

Scope of supply for Standard-PC-Kit-USB-Monitoring

  • Temperature documentation software KIRSCH-DATANET
  • Datalogger board
  • USB gateway with 1 metre USB connection cable
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Data cable, shielded, 10 metres

Scope of supply for Extension of PC-Kit-USB-Monitoring

  • Datenlogger board
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Data cable, shielded, 10 metres

Software Kirsch -DAtanet

KIRSCH-DATANET SOFTWARE PACKAGE: Our software KIRSCH-DATANET captures, evaluates and documents the recorded data. The recorded data can be exported to other programs and sent via email. Additionally, the program offers a monitoring function. The current interior temperature and alarm messages from the connected refrigerators and freezers are shown on screen. You can run the program in English, French or German.

You find an overview of the main features of the program in the brochure for the KIRSCH-PC-KIT. Full instructions are included on the CD.