LABEX®: Explosion-Proof Cooling

TÜV-SÜD Confirms Intrinsic Safety of our LABEX®-Models

Our USP: Maximum temperature stability and explosion proofness. When storing flammable or explosive substances, the ignition sparks and as a consequence explosions can occur due to:

  • static discharge (e.g. via the user, pulling of drawers) or

  • electrical components in the cabinet (e.g. temperature sensors, fans).

Therefore our LABEX® fridges and freezers are constructed intrinsically safe. Sparks cannot occur - even in the event of malfunction. All parts are dedicated for the use in Zone 2 or even Zone 1* explosion atmospheres, in accordance with the ATEX-guideline 2014/34/EU. We use

  • a special grounding concept of the housing to discharge static electricity (door handle, antistatic drawers etc.)

  • spark free supply of all electrical parts in the interior.

 *LABEX 465


Labor Kuehlschrank LABEX 720 ULTIMATE



Liability According to the ATEX Operating and Product Directive

Operating Directive: As an employer or plant operator you are responsible for the correct selection of products, in order to avoid explosions (ATEX Directive1999/92/EG, Section II). By taking into consideration the explosion hazards, e.g.:

  • explosiveness of the materials stored,

  • frequency of presence of explosive atmospheres,

you are obligated to define a corresponding “zone” (e.g  Zone 1, Zone 2).

Product Directive: Since 2014 products to prevent explosions fall under the new directive 2014/34/EU. ATEX certificates based on Directive 94/9/EG are no longer valid. KIRSCH was the first company in the laboratory cooling sector to react to the new ATEX product directive 2014/34/EU. Intrinsic safety is tested and confirmed by TÜV Süd. We would be happy to send you the test review and help you to choose the correct explosion preventing product. Please contact us.