Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable development of our company is an essential part of our corporate mission. We suit the action to the word.


The reduction of electric power consumption is also an important factor in our investment decisions. For example, we designed our server room in a way that the use of air condition is only necessary under exceptional circumstances. We are also aware of our responsibility for noise emission.


A trademark of our products and manufacturing process, all products are designed for a long service life. If one of our products is nearing the end of its service life, our credo is “repair not replace”. We maintain a supply of spare parts for many years. This helps to relieve the burden on your budget and on our planet‘s resources.


As a mid-size family business, flexibility is a core importance to stay competitive in a globalized world. We need flexible, well educated co-workers with vision. We contribute by cooperating with local schools and universities. We offer tours of our company, internships and the supervision of final projects.


We achieve flexibility and innovativeness through low hierarchies. This creates a frank and constructive work climate. With our KIRSCH employee card, our staff participates in the success of our company.