Innovation and quality out of tradition

Our mission is to be the top manufacturer of the most reliable refrigerators and freezers for the health care industry and for laboratories. We combine all of our experience and knowledge which we have been globally accumulating since 1865 with innovative processes. Our aim is to constantly improve the quality, functionality and efficiency of our products. We know how sensitive your chilled goods are. For this reason we do set new standards.

Our Trademark

KIRSCH- Reliable cooling in labs and health care. Since 1865 our name has been synonymous with high-quality products which meet the most demanding standards and provide maximum reliability. Our products are being used in the whole world - in tropical countries as well as far up north. All product innovations benefit from the experience and expertise which we have been gathering over all those years.

Our Manufacturing

As the housings of our refrigerators are being manufactured in-house we are able to match the components of our refrigerators and freezers perfectly. This is the reason that we succeed to hold our prime position globally when it comes to maintaining temperature stability in our products. Regardless of whether you order a refrigerator from our series production or a customized solution specially built for you - our manufacturing processes meet highest standards. We get in touch with independent testing institutes to have our processes and the effectiveness of our innovations tested and certified.

Our Approach

We are customer-oriented- which is also reflected in our corporate culture. The feedback we get from our customers is the driving force behind the persistent development of our products with regards to ever growing technical requirements. The fact that we won the Blanco Supplier Awards 2008 shall serve as just one example among many.

Sustainable manufacturing.

Kirsch refrigerators and freezers are built for a long operating life. At the end of the lifetime our idea is to rather replace something instead of having you to buy a whole new fridge/freezer. We have spare parts in stock which will save your budget as well as the resources of our planet.

Our products are made in Germany:

All our products are manufactured in Germany and we select reliable suppliers located in Germany who also commit themselves to deliver the best quality.