With the icons depicted you get a quick and simple overview over the main functions of our products. The icons have the following meaning:


Permanent, proactive monitoring of the performance data and alerts in the case of deviations – so that you can take countermeasures in good time before a fault threatens your chilled goods; world´s most accurate temperature control in refrigerated areas thanks to two standard PT-1000 sensors


Kuehlinhalt_119x119px_blau   Capacity

Kirsch Refrigerators and Freezers are available with different capacities and in numerous versions. The range comprises a wide assortment of models, from small to large-volume versions: with 80 to 700 litres, freezers with 70 to 700 litres capacity.


ICON Temperatur   Temperature setting
There are large temperature ranges available for storing
goods: Kirsch Refrigerators from 0 to +15 °C, Freezer from –5 to –41 °C. The temperature set is maintained automatically – even under
changing environmental conditions – by a thermostat or an electronic, micro-processor controlled temperature regulator.


Umluftkuehlung 119x119px   Re-Circulating Air Cooling
Recirculating air-cooling reduced the physically induced temperature drop and enables an almost constant temperature to be maintained.


Schnittstelle_RS485_119x119px   RS 485 Interface
The RS 485 interface allows the cooling appliances to be connected to IT systems, which in turn allows the data output to be digitally processed. A PC-Kit with temperature documentation software is available as an option and is used to record temperature data using a Windowscompatible PC.


Alarmweiterschaltung 119x119px   Potential-free contact for alarm relaying
Kirsch Refrigerators and Freezers with potential- free contact allow alarms to be relayed to different communication or monitoring systems such as remote warning systems, for example, self-dial telephones or central control technology. The potential-free contact triggers during main power failure or alarm states, such as impermissible temperature deviations.


Automatische_Abtauung_119x119px   Automatic defrosting
With Kirsch Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers with an automatic defrosting feature – which is carried out monitoring of time and temperature – manual defrosting is no longer required. Laboratory refrigerators and freezers with explosion-proof interiors have an integrated melt water dish which has to be emptied manually. In all other laboratory refrigerators and freezers from Kirsch, melt water evaporates automatically.


Anzahl_Schubladen_119x119px   Number of Drawers
Number of drawers in the basic version.


Anzahl_Roste_119x119px   Number of Shelves
Number of shelves in the basic version.


Eingeformte_Auflagen_119x119px   Moulded support brackets
Interior containers made of impact-proof plastic moulded support brackets guarantee particulary high stability. The shelves and drawers can easily be inserted at the prescribed heights.


Stellleisten_119x119px   Support Rails
Used with interior containers made of smooth aluminium with a transparent protective coating, support rails guarantee particularly versatile use of the interior. The sturdy, PE-coated shelves and drawers can be inserted according to individual requirements at intervals of only 15mm.


EX   Explosion-Proof Interior
Kirsch Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers are available with or without explosion-proof interior, depending on the version. The versions with explosion-proof interior (LABEX models) meet the safety requirements for zone 2 potentially explosive areas and guarantee there is no source of ignition on the interior.


EinUnterbaufaehig_119x119px   Suitable for integration
Models that can be integrated in existing cupboards and are
thus extremly space-saving. During installation, care must
be taken that the cooling machine is sufficiently ventilated.


Umgebungstemperatur_119x119px   Ambient temperature
This is the maximum temperature in the installation room. Up to the stated temperature trouble-free operation is possible. Please contact us if you need devices for applications in higher ambient temperatures.



Ambient temperature