Refrigerators for pharmaceuticals and vaccines according to DIN 13277


Pharmaceutical refrigerators are crucial for maintaining the safety and efficacy of medications and vaccines. Improper storage conditions can lead to product degradation, reduced effectiveness, and even patient harm. Therefore, pharmaceutical refrigerators play a vital role in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries by ensuring that these temperature-sensitive products remain stable and safe for use.
KIRSCH is the market leader for pharmaceutical refrigerators in Germany. Each refrigerator is particularly made to meet the demanding DIN 13277 regulation. Our products are market leading in temperature stability and quality.


Medikamenten Kuehlschrank MED 520 ULTIMATE

The average value of storage goods in a medicine refrigerator is 20.000€. To this day, the vaccines are improperly stored  in household refrigerators resulting in spoils due to fluctuating temperatures. Tainted vaccines are at best no longer effective, at worst they lead to complications when vaccinated. This has to change, because the safety of your patients is priceless.

The pharmaceutical refrigerators according to DIN norm guarantee the maximum temperature consistency and storage safety. Because not everything always runs smoothly, according to DIN norm the refrigerators must also be equipped with safety features, e.g. warnings in case of power failure, temperature deviations, etc. that no household refrigerators have. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art refrigerators (ULTIMATE line) are also equipped with access control monitoring system to prevent your valuable goods being taken and/or modified by unauthorized personnel.

All KIRSCH pharmaceutical refrigerators of the ULTIMATE and PRO-ACTIVE lines are designed to meet the requirements of DIN 58345. In fact, as a pioneer in the construction of pharmaceutical refrigerators, our devices met all those requirements even before DIN was introduced. Every avoided case of tainted medicines or vaccines increases patient safety and saves you trouble and money.





Depending on the individual model type, the refrigerators also feature:

  • Re-circulating air cooling
  • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
  • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
  • Automatical defrosting and melt water evaporation
  • Easy accessible control panel with key switch
  • Micro-processor controlled temperature and thawing regulation to maximize temperature stability
  • Optical and acoustical alarm including power failure alarm
  • Minimum/maximum temperature memory
  • Safety device to prevent freezing
  • RS485 interface for computer based temperature documentation
  • Potential free contact for alarm transmission
  • Height-adjustable drawers
  • Individual drawer division with adjustable length and cross dividers.
  • Low-noise compressor

Glass doors are available for most models, as well as a decorative installation frame or door coupling fittings.



Pharmaceutical/ Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers