Laboratory Freezers
with explosion-proof interior (intrinsically safe), re-circulating air cooling and automatic fast defrosting

Tested and certified independently by TÜV-SÜD: LABEX®-Laboratory Freezers with re-circulating air cooling are intrinsically safe. Each component in the interior compartment (ventilators, sensors) is particularly shielded to avoid sparks even when malfunction occur.  Your advantage: Maximum explosion proofness and maximum temperature consistency.

Intrinsic Safety - Our Unique Selling Postion.

All models with LABEX®-Intrinsic Safety are specifically designed for the storage of explosive materials at optimal temperature consistency. The models are independently tested and certified by the TÜV SÜD Managment Service GmbH regarding:

  • Intrinsically safe supply of the interior: Our LABEX© freezers feature specific saftey barriers that inhibit sparking even for gases with low ignition temperatures. Components (ventilators, sensors etc.) do not generate sparks even when malfunctions occur.They comply with the highest demanding Temperature class "T6" (surface temperature 85°C).
  • Special conduction concept for electric currents that may arise due to static charge (e.g., operator, use of drawers etc.).



We cover you in two ways: A maximum of explosion proofness and a maximum of temperature consistency thanks to our LABEX® technology and the adapted KIRSCH-re-circulating air cooling (optimized air guide panels). The unique combination of explosion proofness, automatic fast defrosting, controlled decompression and re-circulating air cooling lead to the safest and best storage conditions for your goods.

  • intrinsically safe supply of all electronic components (depends on the model)
  • structural safety for all non-electrical components (depends on the model)
  • Energy restriction of the power circuits on the interior
    - Temperature sensors are protected by safety barriers
    - Re-circulating blower protected by safety power pack
  • Ground protection for the complete refrigerator interior (potential equality)
  • Freezers interior is not opened to the outside (manual removal of melt water)
  • Material combinations on the inside are non-combustible
  • Production facilities are inspected by an independent accredited company




Nr_1_LABO  Temperature

Nr_2_LABO  Isolation

Nr_3_LABO  Interior Container

Nr_4_LABO  Interior Equipment 

Nr_5_LABO  Door








Nr_1_LABO  Temperature
There are large temperature ranges available for storing goods: from -5 to -30°C.

Nr_2_LABO  Isolation
The housing is insulated with particulary good, environmentally-compatible pressure foam material to guarantee low energy consumption levels.

Nr_3_LABO  Interior Container
The interior is made of smooth aluminium with a transparent protective coating or of impact-resistant plastic with moulded supports.



Nr_4_LABO  Interior Equipment
The drawers/shelves are adjustable within a 15mm raster for refrigerators with the interior of smooth aluminium sheet. The longitudinal and cross dividers within the drawers are individually adjustable.

Nr_5_LABO  Door
The lockable door has a plastic magnetic sealing frame that is easy to replace and door frame heating. There is no overhang when the door is open. Door hinge on the right as standard, however this can be changed to the left.


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